Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi, friends!  It's been a while.  I'm back in the groove of home but still think about my babies in Romania.  There are so many things that remind me of my time in Romania. 

Recently, Camden was complaining about not getting more dessert pizza while on a special evening meal out to Mazzio's.  When we got into the car, I very directly informed him that the children at the hospital in Romania NEVER get pizza, much less dessert pizza, and that he should be appreciative of what he gets!!  It worked.  He said, "really" and then said,"thank you, mom".  It made me smile.  It's the new perspective on life in general that I've held on tightly to since returning home. 

If you are interested in going on a wonderful volunteer vacation, Global Volunteers is the organization to go with.   Visit their website:  I would HIGHLY recommend the program in Romania. :)  The babies need love!!  If you can't make it to Romania....stay tuned.  It is my plan to develop a program that will donate therapeutic supplies for the children of Romania.  My first goal to raise money to sent over adapted feeding equipment.  I'll leave you with my favorite things about all the children from the Barlad Hospital:

1. Cleo has the softest skin
2. Even though Delia has only one limb, she will do great things
3. Eanuts has the most adorable dimple in his right cheek
4. Little Mouse, Marion, discovered he could suck on his fingers and so they started a bottle with him and took out the NG tube
5. Gabi's ability to explore with her sensory system is amazing
6. Alena dances adorably
7. Ionica loves the new books that read stories in Romanian
8. Maruna loves her hands, and we're not sure if she is admiring her manicure or saying talk to the hand
9. Marius deserves peace, and no pain
10. Andre's sweet smile when he is shown what real love is

Here's a video of Alena dancing.....Wait for the "ta da".