Thursday, March 1, 2012

Food for everyone

Today was a day of great food exploration for the kids and for us, volunteers. Gabi, with whom we have all been working to improve her eating and advance her foods, allowed me to explore and try some techniques to help her use her lips to remove the food from the spoon. She also ate chunks of puffetas in her regular mush. Puffetas are like cheese puffs. This afternoon she put on a show exploring an orange square. When I say exploring, I mean she touched it to her eye, nose, lips, licked it, tapped it too her teeth and held on to it for quite some time. She did this all on her own. It was beautiful. Our little Christian was an eating machine. He ate puffelas, wafer cookies and oranges without skipping a beat. Of course, we brought this food in for the kids. The meals at the hospital for the kids have been bowls of mush (apples and bread, mashed potatoes with cheese or bananas). Always a single item and never with a drink. The milk or tea comes in a bottle and everyone gets one, all the kids that is. Get this: the bottles are glass and did I mention if one kid doesn't drink all of their bottle, then that bottle goes to the kid who will drink it. Yep, it's a hospital. I also discovered that Marian (yesterday I called him Marius) does have the ability to suck, despite his NG tube and taped up face. I wanted to see his cute little head so I pulled off his hat and snapped a picture. I included it below for everyone to ooh and ahh over.

So, I will most likely not be able to post tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for our weekend adventure to see the painted monasteries. It should be a great trip! I hope to be able to post on Saturday evening.

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