Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New friends

Yesterday and today we met two new friends in the "fun rooms". Our first friend joined us from the placement center. He came to the hospital for evaluations. Ionica is a 10 year old very sweet and smart young boy with Down Syndrome. He loves to give high fives and color. He demonstrated his animal naming and counting skills to the group. He enjoys hanging out with the other kids in the hospital but will come back to our room to get toys and say, "Hi". He will also give each of us a big hug. It reminds me of some my clients back home.

In baby room news, Little Maruna, who we call "little pig" because she makes snorting sounds, had a visit by her parents yesterday. I was not there but Robin reports that they didn't pick her up or talk to her and left after 15 minutes. Marion, who we call "little mouse" was visited by his parents today. Apparently, they did spend some time talking to him and brought him some diapers (5-6). However, they didn't hold him or touch him. Our understanding is that these families will be taking the babies home when the weather is warmer. It's all very interesting. We did get a nod of approval from the doctor when she came to check on the babies and 2 of 3 of them were being held.

On a positive note, Maruna was moved to the fun room this afternoon. Robin took her around and introduced her to all the kids. Delia, our youngest, was reassured that we'd still "ooh" and "ah" over her.

We've decided that Allena is going to be a hair stylist. She loves to play with everyone's hair, and yesterday she took my head band and loved wearing it around. See the picture below. She also tried GoGo squeeZ applesauce and it looked like she really liked it. However, the first bite she didn't seem to know what to do, and let it all fall out of her mouth . She also did this when Kristin gave her the juice box the other day.

Other fun: we went to a restaurant, which was described as the creepy doll restaurant. Take a look at the picture below; there were dolls everywhere, even around the bar. The dolls were everywhere and there were probably a hundred of them. The food was good. I ate the Vineta (grilled egg plant) and smashed beans (not sure the name). Eanuts was so much better today. We took him out of his crib and held him, rocked him, and played with him. He's like a new boy. After he had a sponge bath, he laid on the floor laughing and smiling. The picture below shows his adorable dimple! It's amazing what a little stimulation will do.

Only a few more days left......

Noapte buna

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  1. I LOVE that the dolls scared you, too. I have a bunch of photos from this restaurant from our trip in September. I remember being sort of scared to even walk to the bathroom during dinner! Thanks for loving the kids. I miss them soooo!