Monday, March 5, 2012

Not a manic Monday

I woke up today energized and ready to take on the Barlad Hospital. One of our team members, Robin, stayed in due to a cold. I can't imagine staying at this hotel all day. Over the weekend I found some great books that break my rule of electronics but these books read the story to the kids in Romanian, something that I'm not able to do. We have talked often this last week about language development and the importance of speaking to the children in Romanian. Truthfully, it's a challenge. I struggle with the right words but have decided that they need the interaction, first and for foremost. What's funny is that at times, I find myself using sign language. Poor kids, they are not going to know what their primary language should be.

When we arrived at the hospital, it was like the kids trusted us so much that they just expected us to be there, and sure enough we were. This makes me worry about next Monday, when there will not be a team of volunteers. Actually, there is not another team signed up to come until May!! Any takers?

Back to this Monday, each kid amazed us in new ways today. Allena "our actress" is learning to drink from a juice box straw. She currently only drinks from a bottle and just started taking bites of yogurt from a spoon. Remember, she is 4 and only has a diagnosis of FAS and dwarfism. Eanuts joined the fun today after only wanting to be in his crib last week. Our team felt this was a breakthrough for him. He laid on the bed and enjoyed the company of the women and girls. He smiled today, and even sat up to eat his yogurt. Gabi, well that girl seems to be making strides each day. She took bites from a yummy chocolate filled sandwich cake and cookie wafers. Nothing like Americans giving the kids processed foods!! What was important was that she took actual bites. She didn't chew, but took bites with her molars. She also walked up and down the hall like a champ, holding onto someone's finger only. Cleo just enjoys being with the girls and looking fashionable. Kristian brought a deep blue zip up jacket, and she looked stylish in it. Delia was without a fever for the first day. She was touching her leg to her nose and when shown that she could kick over a block she did it repeatedly. I have a million adorable pictures of her. It seems like the nurses are learning from us that she can do things with the limbs she has remaining. They have been keeping her residual arm exposed and helping her use it. It's hard to believe that her parents didn't want her. (Trying not to judge, but damn!)

In the baby room, our 3 little ones enjoyed being held, rocked and unbundled. Maura, the only little princess in the room, seemed to understand the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Every time I picked up little Marion she cried. It's good to see a child with Down Syndrome be so assertive. Marion has his NG tube (nose feeding tube) out. He looked like a new man. I've not written about the third fellow. He is very sick but seems to be a fighter. I held him today and he seemed to be comforted. I pray for the best for him; he has a long road if he survives. The baby room is lonely. I wish that Maruna and Marion could move to the fun rooms!! Luisa said there are only four more days with the kids. As Allena would say, "wah, wah, wah".

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  1. Precious. Sounds like a productive day.

    I have a friend who has adopted 4 special needs children (3 boys from China, 1 girl from South Korea). I once expressed to a friend (whose dad was from China) how sad it was that these kids parents didn't want them, treated them as throwaways. She suggested that maybe they gave their children up because they thought/hoped their child would have a better chance at life if they were adopted or possibly they thought that they couldn't provide for the child's needs. I try to keep that in mind...and hope that was the reason. I hope this makes sense.
    At any rate, I still can't imagine giving a child I'm with you there!
    Keep up the good work.