Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Romanian Valentine s Day

It's Valentine's Day in Romania. We didn't discover this until we came upon a group of people gathered with music playing, and what appeared to be the local media around. The group was trying to gather the most signatures to make the world's largest love note. After we signed the love note we were treated to a Romanian chocolate bar and a parade. Earlier, Robin and I stopped at a cafe to rest during our morning walk (see the next post). I drank a hot chocolate (ciocolata) that was like eating the inside of a lava cake, and Robin had a beautiful mango lemonade!! It was a delight.

Still, as I write this post I can hear them celebrating outside. The gathering is about 1/2 block from the hotel. Here are some pictures of the celebration and the yummy ciocolata that I drank!

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  1. The ciocolata looks yummy! Pretty cool to arrive in time for Romanian Valentine's Day :)