Thursday, February 16, 2012

I picked up some Romanian money today.  There is a shape on each bill that is see thru. The bills are interesting and very pretty.  I'm terrible at math so I'm going to struggle with the currency exchange. I'm going to pay way to much for something in Romania, I just know it.  Luckily, in Barlad, there is not a whole lot to purchase, so I've been told.

 It's also VERY cold over there right now so I'm not sure I'll be doing just a whole lot of walking around and shopping.  I discovered a blog from Peace Corp volunteer who is in eastern Romania, near Hungary. She reported lots of snow and very cold temps.  It's suppose to be worse in the western portions of Romania where I'll be!  Brrrrrrrrrr. I shiver, just thinking about it. 

A fun learning Romanian website:

The games on this website are addicting, I'm not sure if I'm actually learning to speak Romanian.  It's fun. 

Here is a picture of the money I received today. I think I will be paying about 75 ron for a taxi ride to my hotel in Bucharest. 


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  1. Looks like Kirby wanted to go. Have fun, stay warm. Dad