Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well, I've made it to Romania (almost, as of writing this post). I should say; I'm in Europe. Lufthansa airlines is a very nice airline but their attempt to pretend that it's nighttime to help travelers adjust to the time change did not work for me. So, all I got out of it was one extra meal that I didn't need in a 24 hour period! I had breakfast at midnight (Oklahoma time) but 6:30ish German time. Oh, this time thing is going to be confusing. So here is my plan. It's Thursday, Feb 23, so I'm going to take a short nap at the hotel Rembrandt in Bucharest (I'm here with free wifi and a nice clean room now). Then I'll have dinner with one of my teammates for this little adventure. Friday is wide open. We will probably explore Bucharest and some of the interesting places that Evan, another team member has been to Romania many times as a volunteer, recommended. So it may be an art or history museum. Who knows, but the adventure begins.

One more thing, I spoke with some of you about possible delays in Frankfurt due to strikes. Well, as I was walking through the airport there were hundreds of black cots set up. Not sure if those are always there or if they anticipated delays and cancellations. Either way, it didn't effect me. I hope both sides of the strike are happy with their agreement.

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